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Small Reactions

Small Reactions play situational pop songs that sit left of center. More finesse than brute force, the sound is both nimble and monolithic. The quartet is post-punk meets indie pop, but the band prefer the term “nerve pop” to describe their music. Lyrically, they reside somewhere in the “new domestic” school.



“It’s a dive bar, so you’ll get everything you want out of a hip local joint, but the food and drinks are outstanding. And the staff are all gems. They’re known for their Jameson pours, but I prefer a good rum and coke. We’ve got to keep it local, right?”

-Small Reactions

Papi’s Cuban & Caribbean Grill

“Papi’s Cuban & Caribbean Grill on Ponce de Leon Ave. They have a the perfect Cuban sandwich. Then, you can go to get a Hot Glazed Krispy Kreme donut right down the road after. It’s maybe the most Atlanta thing you can do.”

-Small Reactions

Atlanta Civil Rights Museum

“Atlanta is the heart of the Civil Rights Movement. Take a trip to the Atlanta Civil Rights Museum to tap into that collective history; you’ll leave a changed person. The museum is excellent.”

-Small Reactions

Criminal Records

“They’ve got the biggest collection of new stock in the city and probably the best collection of new genres, too. Hip hop, indie rock, blues, and the classics. Their used collection is great, too. Plus, they host in store performances from touring and local bands if you catch the right day. It’s an Atlanta staple.”

-Small Reactions

Ebrik Coffee Room

“Ebrik Coffee Room has the tastiest coffee in town. We spent a lot of time there when we went to Georgia State. Their Americano is perfect, but you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.”

-Small Reactions

Doll’s Head Trail at Constitution Lakes Park

“Doll’s Head Trail at Constitution Lakes park is maybe one of the stranger things in the city. But it also feel’s very “Atlanta” to us. The whole thing is exactly as it sounds. More strange than ethereal, but a little of both. You’ll have the Constitution Lakes cleanse your pallet after if you need it.·

-Small Reactions