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Edgewood Heavy

Bringing together psychedelic rock sounds of the golden past and the new sound of modern funk and soul, Edgewood Heavy is the hottest band in Atlanta. Their shows are high energy funk fests, bringing together vast styles of music into one rocking good time. They have taken the Atlanta scene by storm since their birth, and will be releasing their premiere single ‘Misery’ just in time to be the soundtrack to your summer.




Smith’s Olde Bar

“Our local hangout is Smith’s Olde Bar. It’s a legendary local venue, and the original home of Edgewood Heavy. We started our band during the pandemic and that was the first venue we played. We typically drink Casa Migos tequila.”

-Edgewood Heavy

Morgan Falls

“Morgan Falls is the best place in Atlanta to go kayaking, canoeing, tubing, or to catch some sunshine. The water is calm and the scenery is so beautiful you’ll forget your in the city.”

-Edgewood Heavy

Java Saga

“Java Saga offers the best Taiwanese coffee and chicken sandwiches. Order an ‘Italian Jet Fuel’ to get your day started with a boom”

-Edgewood Heavy

The Clothing Warehouse

“The Clothing Warehouse in Little 5 Points has great clothes and employees who are always happy to help style a band member for a Prince Tribute in a pinch.”

-Edgewood Heavy

“I enjoy shopping for vintage clothing at a couple spots. Clothing Warehouse in Little 5 Points rarely disappoints.”

-Curated By Boregard.

Wax n Facts

“Wax n Facts is our favorite record store in one of our favorite neighborhoods, Little 5 Points.”

-Edgewood Heavy

“We’re gonna have to say our favorite record store is Wax n Facts in Little 5. This is conveniently only a few doors down from the close second, Criminal Records, so just check them both out.”

-Neighbor Lady

Eddie’s Attic

“Eddie’s Attic is a great place to get to know the musician you’re listening to.”

-Edgewood Heavy

High Museum

“The High Museum is a must, but the muralists in Atlanta are really fantastic too. You can walk around in most neighborhoods and see some incredible art on the sides of buildings. There’s an organization called Living Walls that I’m a big fan of that puts artists together with different projects around the city that are always cool to check out.”  – Bathe Alone

“The High Museum is our favorite museum & they’re for tourists” -Edgewood Heavy

“They are always bringing interesting exhibits to the city.” -Curated By Boregard.

“The High Museum is my favorite museum, for sure. I love that they have affordable memberships, cool exhibits and artists talks, and work closely with local artists and communities to ensure diverse representation.” – Sa-Roc

“I had an opportunity to perform there once. It’s so stunningly beautiful and always host to such innovative art collections.” – A$H

Eclipse di Luna

“Eclipse di Luna is an awesome, unique spot for tapas and live music. Sip on a mojito and go ahead and cop two orders of Calamari. You’ll thank us later.”

-Edgewood Heavy