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Nadia Marie

Nadia Marie’s new album Seven fades in with a quiet cacophony. A soundscape unfolds with the static hum of wind in a microphone as wedding vows are exchanged in a relationship that will ultimately fracture. The voyeuristic moment marks the beginning of a seven-year stretch in the artist’s life—a time of pain, triumph, tragedy, isolation, struggle, contentment, and vulnerability. A time she’s been thinking about a lot lately.

With the coming release of Seven also comes some good news for Nadia Marie, who has finally found a proper forum to tell her fascinating life story. Starting this summer, she’ll be taking over a popular iHeartRadio podcast (announcement coming soon) for two full seasons, during which she’ll discuss her wild experiences, the events that led to Weekday Weekend and Seven, and her long journey as an artist and musician.


Wax ‘N’ Facts

“Wax’N’Facts is right in the middle of little five points, which is kinda the best neighborhood here, and has tons of local and rare stuff. They support the local scene very much and are great to deal with.”

-Curated by Gringo Star

Kimball House

“Our favorite bar and restaurant is Kimball House – New Tokyo. KH is a not only a Decatur staple but also a world class bar and restaurant. We like the New Tokyo as a menu constant but you’re not going to get a bad drink. “

– Neighbor Lady

Sweet Hut

“… probably the only place you can find dairy-free bubble tea and their pastries are to die for.” – Nadia Marie

Highland Row Antiques

“Highland Row Antiques always has the most amazing finds and things to look at. It’s hands down my favorite place to walk around and browse. They recently added an upstairs so it’s now three stories of endless vintage clothes, unique furniture pieces and knick knacks.” – Nadia Marie


” I love the energy and how intimate a show can feel there. It’s also fun to sit out on the patio in between sets and catch up with friends and meet new people.”- Nadia Marie