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CLAVVS is the brainchild of Amber Renee and Graham Marsh, an indie pop duo who make exploratory pop music about feelings both soft and sharp. Originally from Atlanta and now based in Brooklyn, CLAVVS have amassed millions of streams across platforms and played shows all over North America, with songs featured in shows like Netflix’s “Locke & Key”, “Warrior Nun”, and ‘Tiny Pretty Things”.



Gaja Korean Bar

“Our favorite local bar is Gaja Korean Bar in EAV. Great ambiance & there’s usually someone spinning vinyl.”

“Gaja Korean Bar in EAV has great soju based drinks and great korean food to compliment them.”
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Sweetwater Creek State Park

“We love hiking and swimming at Sweetwater Creek State Park. It’s huge and beautiful. A great place for introspection or to hang with friends & pups!”

Starlight Drive In

“Our favorite activity is grabbing to go food & seeing a double feature at Starlight Drive In on Moreland. The best way to see a movie!”

HodgePodge Coffee

“Our favorite place to grab a cup of coffee is HodgePodge on Moreland Ave. We always get cold brew with almond milk and a blueberry muffin or a chicken patty. The owner Krystal & whole team are so wonderful!”

Psycho Sisters

“Our favorite boutique is Psycho Sisters in Little 5 Points. The whole L5P area is great for vintage or consignment shopping!”


Arepa Mia

“Our favorite place to grab a bite to eat is Arepa Mia. I miss it so much. We live in Brooklyn now, but I still dream about their guava & cream cheese breakfast empanadas. Everything there is fantastic. And it’s all gluten free!”


Aisle 5

“For live music, we stan Aisle 5. We’ve done so many shows there. We love the whole team. Great sound, excellent lights, good vibes all around. We also love Terminal West for bigger shows.”

Brownwood Park

” The best kept secret in ATL is Brownwood Park is a small green space near EAV that you’d never expect to feel like a hidden jungle within a city. It’s one of my favorite places to take a walk.”

The Center for Puppetry Arts

“Our favorite museum is The Center for Puppetry Arts is hands down the coolest museum in the city. It includes so many incredible pieces from Jim Henson studios, among others.”