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Bathe Alone

Bathe Alone is the dream-pop moniker of multi-instrumentalist Bailey Crone. Taking shape in Atlanta, her haunting approach to songwriting and delicate vocal deliveries often draw comparisons to Beach House, Widowspeak, and The xx.Growing up with a formal background in classical music, Crone first burrowed her way into the Peach State’s indie scene as a teenager. She picked up drums, guitar, and bass early on, where she eventually discovered a distinct identity and connection to each instrument. With a drumming vocabulary more akin to the punk world and ambient guitar drenched in delay, the foundations for Bathe Alone were starting to crystalize. After tinkering and fine tuning her sound even further, Crone enlisted the help of producer Damon Moon — who immediately recognized an untapped potential in the project.


Wheelhouse Pub

“…when I’m in the city for practice or studio sessions we all go to Wheelhouse Pub. They have some amazing options for vegetarians, like their cauliflower tacos.” – Bathe Alone


My favorite local bar has to be Victory Sandwich Bar off of the beltline and my favorite drink is their Jack and Coke slushie! Slushies were my favorite drinks as a child, so it brings me back to that with this tasty adult version.
– Curated By Lánre

529 Bar

“529 has always been my favorite. A lot of phenomenal local acts play there — plus the venue has great sound and treats the bands super well.” – Bathe Alone

Netherworld Haunted House

“Netherworld Haunted House is probably my favorite event every year. They do insane haunted houses and scary events. Anything horror is totally up my alley!” – Bathe Alone

High Museum

“The High Museum is a must, but the muralists in Atlanta are really fantastic too. You can walk around in most neighborhoods and see some incredible art on the sides of buildings. There’s an organization called Living Walls that I’m a big fan of that puts artists together with different projects around the city that are always cool to check out.”  – Bathe Alone

“The High Museum is our favorite museum & they’re for tourists” -Edgewood Heavy

“They are always bringing interesting exhibits to the city.” -Curated By Boregard.

“The High Museum is my favorite museum, for sure. I love that they have affordable memberships, cool exhibits and artists talks, and work closely with local artists and communities to ensure diverse representation.” – Sa-Roc

“I had an opportunity to perform there once. It’s so stunningly beautiful and always host to such innovative art collections.” – A$H