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Big Boi


Big Boi made his proper introduction as a solo artist in 2010 with Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. A modern classic, it captured #3 on the Billboard Top 200 and landed on Pitchfork‘s “100 Best Albums of the Decade ‘So Far’.” Following a succession of high-profile album releases, Big Boi released his most recent album  Boomiverse in 2017. The smash single “All Night” sound tracked a high-profile Apple Animoji commercial, blew up radio, and clocked 40 million streams within a year. The song also hit the Top 30 on the pop chart and Top 10 at Rhythmic.


“[They] sell Funko Pops, which I love!”

-Curated By Boregard.

“Our favorite record shop is Criminal Records in Little Five Points; the vibe is relaxed and the records are diverse.”

– Curated By Larkin Poe

“My favorite local record store in Atlanta is definitely Criminal Records in Little Five Points. They have been a pillar in the community for so long.”

– Curated by Ceelo Green

“Criminal Records is my favorite local record store”

– Curated by Big Boi

“I love Criminal Records in Little 5 Points. They have a really large selection of music and a cool, grungy vibe that I dig.”

– Sa-Roc

“We love Criminal Records. We’ve performed there a couple of times and they’ve always been so kind to us”


Piedmont Park

“This park has beautiful scenery and several trials”

– Curated by Big Boi


“Spondivits has the best seafood!”

-Curated by Big Boi


I love seeing shows at the Tabernacle in Downtown Atlanta. I’ve seen everything from Dave Chappelle to EDM shows there, and each time was a unique experience. There’s something so unique about the old school theatre architecture that makes you feel like you’re a part of whatever show/performance you’re there for. I highly recommend going to a show here!
– Curated By Lánre


“Tabernacle is my favorite local venue – you can get up close and personal there.”
-Curated by Big Boi

The Fernbank Museum

“My favorite Atlanta museum is The Fernbank Museum”
-Curated by Big Boi


“The Fernbank Science Center and Obervatory is a personal favorite place to see the latest activity in the cosmos. Also cool exhibits on regional/ Georgia wildlife and history.”
-Curated by Gringo Star


OutKast Mural

“My favorite local staple is the OutKast Mural in Little Five Points”

-Curated by Big Boi