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Girlpuppy is 21-year-old Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Becca Harvey. Wanting to be either Hannah Montana or Taylor Swift growing up, she is now making music that sounds nothing like her childhood influences. Following her first track release For You and its success, she enlisted Marshall Vore (Phoebe Bridgers) to help make her debut EP, which is coming soon.



Oakland Cemetery

“Oakland Cemetery is my favorite place to enjoy nature because of how beautiful and different everything is there, and it’s a nice walk with not too many hills or anything.” – girlpuppy

Value Village

“Value Village on Moreland is probably my favorite thrift store in Atlanta. I’ve never been there and not found a ton of clothes I love, and everything is second hand so you don’t feel bad about shopping there.” – girlpuppy

“My favorite place to shop is definitely The Value Village on Moreland was my spot. It has a really special and rough selection of a ton of cool things. Tons of random trinkets and it’s not at all over priced like your usual trend setter establishment.” – MIGHTY


“[They] sell Funko Pops, which I love!”

-Curated By Boregard.


“Our favorite record shop is Criminal Records in Little Five Points; the vibe is relaxed and the records are diverse.”
– Curated By Larkin Poe

“My favorite local record store in Atlanta is definitely Criminal Records in Little Five Points. They have been a pillar in the community for so long.”
– Curated by Ceelo Green


“Criminal Records is my favorite local record store”
– Curated by Big Boi


“I love Criminal Records in Little 5 Points. They have a really large selection of music and a cool, grungy vibe that I dig.”
– Sa-Roc

“We love Criminal Records. We’ve performed there a couple of times and they’ve always been so kind to us”


Slutty Vegan

“I order the one night stand with skinny dippers on the side. This is the best local restaurant because it’s vegan food but you wouldn’t even know it, and it’s a black owned business.” – girlpuppy

Terminal West

“My favorite local venue is Terminal West. I’ve seen all of my favorite bands there and I love the size and vibe of the venue.” – girlpuppy

September Gray Fine Art Gallery

“September Gray Fine Art has the most beautiful paintings and they’re very inclusive with the artists whose pieces they show.” – girlpuppy