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A$H. brings a fresh blend of Pop and Soul that’s finding its home amongst listeners worldwide. A graduate of Spelman College, A$H. made noise in 2015 with the release of The Perfect EP. Seen on stage as a vocalist for Janelle Monáe, A$H. re-emerged as a solo artist with songs Lost, Anyway, Dear Dream and Perfect. The EP found a home on over 50 publications, amassing new fans and capturing ears and hearts far and wide. In 2016, she released The Please Like Me EP, 4 songs that uncovered a new era, filled with nostalgia, a Tik Tok favorite “Please Like Me” and the opportunity to open for Grammy nominated artist Ryan Leslie and Grammy Award winning artist PJ Morton on The Gumbo Tour in 2017.



Castleberry Hill

“I am actually a fan of taking a walk in the castleberry hill area/art district. There are some quaint alley’s and other dog walkers that you’ll run into on an early morning or afternoon stroll. Yes, there are parks in the city you can exercise in, but it’s nothing like taking the time to familiarize yourself with the area and art directly around me.” – A$H

The Lucky Exchange

“I always find really unique pieces there and the people there are so kind and helpful.” – A$H

Bon Ton

” I love their char broiled oysters and sea food boil. The atmosphere is so chic and cozy. Artistic and kind of a hidden gem. Great date night for a significant other or even catching up with friends.” – A$H

Terminal West

“My favorite local venue is Terminal West. I’ve seen all of my favorite bands there and I love the size and vibe of the venue.” – girlpuppy


“Always has the cook kids, bands, vibe is away about the artist and the music. It’s so very diverse and people always come to have a good time and connect with the artist. It’s also the perfect size. Not too big or small. Just right.” – A$H

Muss & Turner’s

“There’s a restaurant called Muss and Turners that has a really cool speakeasy. Not everyone knows about it, but it’s great for private meetings and date nights.”- A$H

The High Museum of Art

“The High Museum is a must, but the muralists in Atlanta are really fantastic too. You can walk around in most neighborhoods and see some incredible art on the sides of buildings. There’s an organization called Living Walls that I’m a big fan of that puts artists together with different projects around the city that are always cool to check out.”  – Bathe Alone

“The High Museum is our favorite museum & they’re for tourists” -Edgewood Heavy

“They are always bringing interesting exhibits to the city.” -Curated By Boregard.

“The High Museum is my favorite museum, for sure. I love that they have affordable memberships, cool exhibits and artists talks, and work closely with local artists and communities to ensure diverse representation.” – Sa-Roc

“I had an opportunity to perform there once. It’s so stunningly beautiful and always host to such innovative art collections.” – A$H

Wax n Facts

“Wax n Facts is our favorite record store in one of our favorite neighborhoods, Little 5 Points.”

-Edgewood Heavy

“We’re gonna have to say our favorite record store is Wax n Facts in Little 5. This is conveniently only a few doors down from the close second, Criminal Records, so just check them both out.”

-Neighbor Lady

Wax ‘N’ Facts

“Wax’N’Facts is right in the middle of little five points, which is kinda the best neighborhood here, and has tons of local and rare stuff. They support the local scene very much and are great to deal with.”

-Curated by Gringo Star